Cell Software, a software services business based in Brighton, wanted to convert more of their website visitors into leads. To achieve this, they required a piece of content that would add educational value to prospects, prompting them to submit their details to download it.

After a short consultation with the Bloom B2B content team, Cell Software decided that an 18 page eBook would help them achieve their goals of generating more website leads and becoming thought-leaders in the software services space.

Bloom B2B’s content and graphic design teams worked together with Cell Software to produce a clearly-written, and visually-enticing eBook that displayed well on all devices.

Bloom B2B then assisted Cell Software with the implementation of the eBook on their site, designing a dedicated landing page with a contact details collector form, creating website pop-ups, and advising them on where to place (CTA’s) calls to action to promote downloads. Our team also developed an automated email campaign to deliver the eBook to prospects and social media campaigns to promote the new content.

The eBook has been highly successful for Cell Software so far, helping them generate more than 50 leads from their website in less than a month (of which three have become customers already). It is also a useful resource for their sales team to send to prospects during the sales cycle.

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