Social Security Disability Insurance program has protected workers and their families by providing cash benefits to individuals who are unable to work because of severe disabilities, physical impairments, or medical conditions.

Although it is not the most popular benefit among workers or their families, Social Security Disability Insurance is still one of the most important sources of cash benefits for those disabled workers and their families, as it is extremely important for them to get Disability Benefits Support. It helps to provide these workers with financial security by replacing or supplementing income from their earnings, thereby reducing the income loss caused by illness or disability. Without Social Security Disability Insurance, many disabled workers and their families would be forced to spend every waking hour searching for jobs and would be forced to give up their remaining pension benefits. In the event that the Social Security Disability Insurance program was eliminated, the loss of Disability Insurance benefits would devastate disabled workers and their families. To help prevent this from happening, we urge Congress to continue the program and we also recommend individuals to look for a social security attorney to always be informed about any law changes.

According to this social security lawyer it is well known that the Federal Reserve has been manipulating the currency, and that a true examination of the Fed’s activities, as well as its connections to the Federal Reserve Banks, must be conducted. In the 1970s, Congress established the Comptroller General (CAG) to monitor the Federal Reserve and its activities. Unfortunately, CAG has remained largely ineffective. The CAG’s failure has been due largely to the CAG’s unwillingness to look into the Fed’s activities. However, more and more evidence is emerging that the Federal Reserve Bank and its members are more than willing to look the other way, and that the Fed has been actively rigging the currency for its own gain. The Federal Reserve Banks and their member banks have been engaged in a long-standing program of purchasing the assets of failing financial institutions, using the proceeds to buy up the failing banks’ assets and loan it to the Federal Reserve at interest, thereby creating a new form of currency which cannot be counterfeited, and which can be used to fund debt service, to fund the government’s fiscal operations and to pay for other government expenditures, including interest on the national debt.

In fact, the Federal Reserve Bank has purchased more than $12 trillion dollars’ worth of financial assets, including toxic mortgage-backed securities. A study conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimated that the Federal Reserve had made the purchase of assets equivalent to nearly 25 percent of the U.S. national debt in just one year.